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TCQ Pickapalooza Returns for Week 10

After a one-week hiatus, football picks are back for this weekend. Do we think that IU can finally beat the Wolverines?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we are picking six Big Ten matchups, as well as an SEC matchup with major college football playoff implications, as Auburn and Ole Miss are currently 3rd and 4th in the CFP rankings. Let's get right to it.

Michigan (-7) vs. Indiana

C4B: Indiana. Yeah, like I'm not gonna take Indiana and the points here. #FullHomersotaOrGetOut

Swick: Michigan wins! Brady Hoke saves his job! He gets a 10-year extension!

Ben: Indiana. Because losing to us would really be the best way to put an actual stake into Michigan's season.

Consensus: Hoosiers, 2-1

Iowa (-4) vs. Northwestern

C4B: Iowa, but if Northwestern suddenly decides to look competent again, this could be really dangerous.

Swick: Iowa. Remember when N'Western was gonna win the B1G West? Good times.

Ben: Northwestern, because the B1G West is chaos this season. Also because Iowa can't seem to figure them out even though they're just Northwestern.

Consensus: Hawkeyes, 2-1


Penn State (-3.5) vs. Maryland

C4B: Terps. Is this spread really correct? I know it's in Happy Valley, but still.

Swick: Maryland. Penn State has been kinda not good lately, save a good second half against OSU.

Ben: Penn State. Sure, the Nittany Lions have looked pretty bad but Maryland just got the jewels run on them in Madison. And James Franklin will likely want to stick it to his old team.

Consensus: Terps, 2-1

Wisconsin (-11) at Rutgers

C4B: Wisconsin. Welcome to the B1G, Rutgers.

Swick: Wisconsin - lol at this spread. They're missing a zero at the end.

Ben: Wisconsin. Remember that time Rutgers beat Bret Bielema in his first year at Arkansas? That was pretty cool.

Consensus: Badgers, 3-0

Nebraska (-23.5) vs. Purdue

C4B: Boilers, on the "When in doubt, take the points" rule.

Swick: Purdue - I'm not turning down 23.5 points, even if it is Purdue.

Ben - Purdue. Huskers win by two scores but the Boilers cover. Lil Red and Purdue Pete get into a heated argument over who is the creepiest B1G mascot.

Consensus: Boilermakers, 3-0

OSU (-28) vs. Illinois

C4B: Buckeyes. I think Illinois had their big game last week, and will get crushed under the lights in Columbus.

Swick: OSU. Illinois on the other hand ...

Ben: OSU. It's a classic Urban Meyer thrashing after a bad performance from the week before. OSU keeps the Illibuck, aka the original turtle in the B1G (Sorry, Maryland).

Consensus: Buckeyes, 3-0

Ole Miss (-2.5) vs. Auburn

C4B: Ole Miss, because sure why not.

Swick: Auburn. Weird they're playing a CFP semifinal so early but whatever.

Ben - Ole Miss. Doctor Bo needed to retake his medical boards after the LSU loss, but the Rebels prevail in a matchup of #1 vs. #2 in the F/+ rankings.

Consensus: Rebels, 2-1