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Plenty of excellent games this weekend, so we're picking all of the B1G games plus three SEC West showdowns. If you're not watching college football tomorrow, I feel sorry for you.

Saban and Kiffin: America's new favorite coaching duo
Saban and Kiffin: America's new favorite coaching duo
Kevin C. Cox

Last week's results:

Kyle: 6-3
C4B: 5-4
KickSewly: 5-4
Miller: 4-5
Ben: 3-6 (yikes I'm not very good at this)

Let's get right to it this week.

Ohio State (-7.5) at Maryland


C4B: OSU - I would feel relatively confident taking the Buckeyes up to -13.5 here. Not taking anything away from Maryland, but Ohio State is (presumably) a bit of a step up from facing us.

Miller: OSU - Ohio State is clicking with JT Barrett at the helm and are looking like they are slowly overcoming the Braxton Miller loss. Maryland will not be having a good Saturday.

Ben: OSU - Obviously the Terps aren't terrible, but the Buckeyes have scored 116 points in their past two games, so it looks like Barrett has found some rhythm.

Kick: OSU - This isn't gonna be close. Maryland certainly took us to the woodshed last week but Ohio State gonna go all Iron Sheik and break their back, make them humble.

Kyle: Maryland - Maryland covers. I think they are good. They are probably not very good. We are probably less good.

Consensus, OSU, 4-1

Illinois (-10) vs. Purdue


C4B: Purdue - Since I trust neither of these teams to be good or consistent, give me as many points as I can get.

Miller: Illinois - Wes Lunt returns and Josh Ferguson runs around a lot. Throw in home field and its not gonna be pretty.

Ben: Illinois - Because I trust their offense more than I trust Purdue's.

Kick: Purdue - Hammer and Rails laid down some hard truths earlier this week, but it's becoming more and more evident that Purdue doesn't care to compete. However, Illinois is also unable to compete. So this should be a pretty exciting game of ineptitude. Purdue covers but Illinois wins 3-0 in 4OT.

Kyle: tie

Consensus: Purdue, 3-2

Indiana (-13.5) vs. North Texas


C4B: Indiana - I would be a little concerned if we don't win by that much, and very concerned if we don't win at all.

Miller: Indiana - Do we have an air attack this season? Shane Wynn? Hello? Anyone. 40 plus here for The Hoosiers that like non - B1G football opponents.

Ben: Indiana - This game will be close for much too long, but the Hoosiers will pull away thanks to two late Tevin Coleman touchdowns.

Kick: Indiana - R-E-L-A-X

Kyle: Indiana - this line seems like not that much until you remember this is the program that gave up 400 yards rushing to a team without jerseys and shoulder pads once. (See: Nicholls State, post-Katrina.)

Consensus: IU, 5-0

Wisconsin (-8) at Northwestern


C4B: Wisconsin - Only -8? Vegas (or the public) must have really focused on that 29-6 beatdown the Wildcats delivered last week.

Miller: Wisconsin - Northwestern putting a beat down on Penn State? At Beaver Stadium? Who saw that coming? Bucky's D is too tough for this trend to continue.

Ben: Wisconsin - Nothwestern's logo looks like the old logo for Microsoft OneNote.

Kick: Wisconsin - How is this spread only -8? This can't be real. They had to have forgotten a 0.

Kyle: Wisconsin - Don't know why.

Consensus: Bucky, 5-0

Rutgers (-3) vs. Michigan

C4B: Rutgers - Michigan is a tire fire.

Miller: Michigan - Meh. I think Michigan has had enough this week. What a disaster. If you watch this game keep an eye on Rutgers WR Leonte Carroo. Kids a beast and not on the national radar. Random stat: 5-star QB Shane Morris weekly points in my college fantasy league. -2, 1, -2, -2. Is that good?

Ben: Rutgers - Arizona beating Oregon last night must have been Rich Rod's ultimate revenge on the Wolverines. I could go on and on about how Dave Brandon and Brady Hoke need to be fired, or you could just go read about it here. Or here. Or here. Or here. or here.

Kick: (no pick) EDIT: Michigan. See below in the comments.

Kyle: Michigan - Michigan, somehow. Julie Hermann vs. Dave Brandon and nope, nothing else needs to be said here.

Consensus: Michigan, 3-2

Michigan State (-7.5) vs. Nebraska

C4B: Nebraska -This game is a real tossup in my mind. I honestly could see a lot of different results here, so I'm going with my "when in doubt, take the points" rule.

Miller: MSU - Like I said before, Tommy Armstrong versus real teams = advantage other team. I expect MSU to load up on Ameer Abdullah (also, a beast) and make Tommy throw the ball, which will not end well for The Corns.

Ben: MSU - I think there's an ancient proverb that says Nebraska must lose four games every season. So while that 5-0 record is impressive for the Huskers right now, don't expect it to last for long. The path to 9-4 is remarkably easy too: Lose to Sparty, Wisconsin, Iowa, and some SEC team in a New Year's Day bowl game in Florida.

Kick: Nebraska - Nebraska gonna do the do and the CFP will have to put a B1G team in and then they'll have to respect ALL OF US AS A LEGITIMATE FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

Kyle: MSU - Mark May is picking Nebraska as I write this, so State covers.

Consensus: Sparty, 3-2

Mississippi State (-1.5) vs. Texas A&M

C4B: A&M - See Nebraska.

Miller: A&M - Wow, showing some love for The Bulldogs. If you don't know who Dak Prescott is, you will soon. Kids got mad skillz. But he's no Kenny Hill, the guy helping people get over Johnny Football quickly.

Ben: A&M - In their win against LSU, Mississippi State played against an anemic offense most of the game. That's not the case with A&M. The Aggies win this one in the highest-scoring SEC game of the year.

Kick: A&M - I've watched TAMU once this year and they were really good. I haven't seen Miss. St. at all. So this was a no brainer.

Kyle: Miss. St. - CLANGA wins. The heading in Dan Mullen's contract is typed in comic sans and I'm actually not making that up, because Mississippi.

Consensus: A&M, 4-1

Alabama (-6) at Ole Miss

C4B: Bama - It's Alabama. It's Alabama. The pinnacle of ESS EEE CEE FOOTBAW, PAWWWWWWWWWWWL!

Miller: Bama - Why do I want Bama to lose? Like, every week? Blake Sims has surprised me and there is too much talent for a feisty Ole Miss squad. Keep an eye on Miss WR Lacquon Treadwell. A future NFL star.

Ben: Bama - Hiring Lane Kiffin and turning Bama's offense into in terrorizing pass-heavy machine is Nick Saban trolling at his finest. Also, it helps to have Amari Cooper.

Kick: Ole Miss - Nick Saban feels fine, but hasn't seen a doctor in over 35 years so Dr. Bo would like to run a few tests to make sure it isn't ebola or some other horrifying disease crawling around Alabama.

Kyle: Ole Miss - something something dr.  bo something something diabeetus. THE EGG BOWL IS THE PLAYOFF PAWWWWL

Consensus: Roll Tide, 3-2

Auburn (-7.5) vs. LSU

C4B: LSU - See A&M, Nebraska

Miller: LSU - I'm hearing Brandon Harris gets the start and I think it causes problems for the Auburn linebackers. He's shifty. Auburn wins with Artis-Payne running the ball but I do not see them cover.

Ben: Auburn - I love Les Miles but I'm just not sure how good LSU is this year. One thing I know for sure is that the Tigers will win this game.

Kick: Auburn - Les Miles is a Michigan man, meaning he needs to get himself fired from this LSU gig so he can go take the Michigan job that will be available in roughly 48 hours.

Kyle: LSU - good god SEC football is awesome but nope let's watch this purdue-illinois game and huff paint thinner

Consensus: LSU, 3-2