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QUICK REACTION: Michigan State 56, Indiana 17

Zander Diamont throws for negative yardage, Jason Spriggs is stretchered off, and a once-promising season is probably in ruins.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well. It was fun for about 25 minutes. And this season was fun for a few games.

I threw for more yards sitting on my couch than Zander Diamont did -- living up to none of the hype provided by yours truly. Tevin Coleman still broke 100 yards on the day, but was mainly unheard from after a 65-yard run early in the game.

In more important news -- starting offensive tackle Jason Spriggs is at Bloomington Hospital with a cervical spine injury. Don't want to speculate, but that type of injury has been career-threatening to other players at various levels of play previously. Best wishes to him.

Not that this loss wasn't expected, but the showing is pretty damning for any bowl hopes for this team. It's obviously very difficult for this offense to without Nate Sudfeld, being completely one-dimensional, and losing your top offensive lineman isn't going to help that either.

Ben will have your full recap tomorrow.

Injuries suck.