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There are five B1G games on Saturday. Our crack team of prognosticators attempts to project how they'll go.

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As always, we'll start with last week's results and... oh no. This wasn't good:

Ben: 3-5
C4B: 2-6
Kick: 1-7
Kyle: Busy infiltrating enemy territory

Now onto this week. We're sticking to just the five B1G games this time. The only non-B1G game I thought about including this time was FSU/Notre Dame, but when I was compiling the lines, that game had gone off the table at many sports books, so I left it alone. Looks like we've become just the latest media outlet to disrespect the Noles! So with apologies to #FSUTwitter, here are our predictions for week 8.

MSU (-15.5) at IU

Kyle: Indiana - Somehow. Because Indiana football needs this. I firmly believe that Zander is actually good. And I need to not look like an idiot.

Kick: Indiana: The Legend of Zander Football is born with a BACKDOOR COVER. He hits Stoner over the middle as time expires to pull IU within 14.

C4B: MSU - Until I see Zander performs as starting QB (assuming he is), I can't possibly pick us even with this many points.

Ben: MSU - I think I've picked the Spartans wrong every week so far, so this is a reverse jinx.

Consensus: Push, 2-2

Maryland (-4.5) vs. Iowa

Kyle: Maryland - Shoulda beat Iowa. Maryland...............nah.

Kick: Maryland - I liked those guys I did the podcast with, I'm rooting for them. Also still mad at Iowa for hurting Suds.

C4B: Iowa - Perhaps the quintessential "When in doubt, take points" rule game

Ben: Maryland - We lost to the Terps by 22 and to the Hakweyes by 16. Thus, Maryland beats Iowa by 6 because math.

Consensus: Terps, 3-1

Minnesota (-12.5) vs. Purdue

Kyle: Purdue - Appleby's for real. Applebee's is also for reals, which is also presumably where most Purdue fans will head to celebrate this win.

Kick: Minnesota - Purdue looked decent in their loss to MSU, they're due to crash back to earth.

C4B: Purdue - I think Minnesota's good, I'm just not sure they're this good. Alternately, Purdue's performance last week could be a total fluke, in which case this will backfire terribly.

Ben: Minnesota - The line is large but Minnesota has done a good job dispersing of inferior opponents this season, and David Cobb is yet another stellar running back in a conference full of them.

Consensus: Push, 2-2

OSU (-19.5) vs. Rutgers

Kyle: ruTgErS - because as indicated above I have completely lost my mind

Kick: OSU -

C4B: OSU - I feel like this is just barely in the range of what I would take OSU at. If this had been 21 or higher, I think I want Rutgers.

Ben: OSU - Urban is gonna try his hardest to score 50+ in every game for the rest of the year.

Consensus: Buckeyes, 3-1

Nebraska (-6.5) at Northwestern

Kyle: Nebraska - Ameer Abdullah gone' do all the yards

Kick: Nebraska - Life was probably pretty good for Northwestern fans there for a couple of weeks, now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

C4B: Nebraska - I think they're just better.

Ben: Nebraska - Even though NW beat Wisconsin, they let Melvin Gordon run for 259 yards, so who knows what Abdullah will do.

Consensus: Huskers, 4-0.