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Shake Shuns Hoosiers

Shake Milton has elected to stay close to home, and picks the SMU Mustangs over the Hoosiers.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In what was already becoming a very crowded 2015 locker room, with two oversigns already locked in, 2015 PG Shake Milton, out of Oklahoma, has decided against the candy stripes and opted for whatever it is SMU wears ... something decidedly less cool.

Assuming Yogi Ferrell plays out his entire eligibility with the Hoosiers, then there is an immediate opening in 2016 for a starting point guard that Tom Crean and company will still be searching to fill. Having a guy like Yogi come in and start at such a crucial spot from day one is a luxury that is not easy to gather. I would imagine the staff will turn their attention to the top PGs in the 2016 class.

Of course, guards on the roster like Stan Robinson, James Blackmon, and Rob Johnson have handled the ball in the past, but converting any of them into a point guard would likely diminish what they do best. Thankfully, the staff has some time to figure things out, with Yogi currently entrenched as the starting point guard.