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Zander Diamont Will Start vs. Michigan State

ZANDER FOOTBALL IS HERE. The true freshman & soap star's son will burn his redshirt in hopes of saving the Hoosiers' season.

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via IndyStar
via IndyStar

Indiana now won't start a converted linebacker at quarterback when Michigan State comes to town for Homecoming on Saturday. And that might not be the worst thing.

Despite the release of the depth chart earlier this week listing Chris Covington as QB1 for Saturday, the IndyStar's David Woods is now reporting that true Freshman Zander Diamont will take the reigns of the formerly high-powered Hoosier offense.

And at just 6-1, 175 in stature, Kevin Johns is already drawing comparisons to another recent college star:

Indiana's offensive coordinator, Kevin Johns, has said Diamont has "a little Johnny Manziel in him." Gasca concurred.

"He can make plays," Gasca said. "That's what what I like about him."

Woods notes that the information regarding Covington's status comes from his mother and that Indiana would not answer questions regarding an injury. The whole situation is rather odd -- noting Indiana's straightforwardness with past injuries and Wilson's glowing remarks about Covington's arm strength earlier in the week.

So, for now, welcome to the Zander Diamont era at Indiana.


...and now you're pregnant.