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Nate Sudfeld Separates Shoulder

W E L P.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

After Shane Wynn dropped a definite touchdown, Nate Sudfeld was slammed to the turf on the ensuing play and came up with what could only be described as an arm noodle. This is normally not a good thing to happen to a quarterback or any person who uses an arm on a day-to-day basis.

One potential upshot to the whole situation is that it's his non-throwing arm, but a separation is a separation and will likely keep him out for multiple weeks. It probably won't matter who the quarterback is against Michigan State next week, and then there is a bye week, which means Suds has three weeks to heal up prior to the do-or-die stretch at the end of the month and into November. That's probably not enough time unless it's an incredibly mild separation, but if there was ever a time to get banged up, it would be now.

Ben will have your full post-mortem in the morning. This was a game that looked like Iowa was going to run away with before Tevin Coleman dragged the Hoosiers back into it. Unfortunately, right as Nate started to show some rhythm, he was knocked out of the game. Chris Covington was thoroughly ineffective and left many calling for Zander Diamont, but the staff must consider the value of his redshirt.

As one reader pointed out, we can use him this year and redshirt him next year during Suds' senior campaign, which might be something to consider if Suds is to miss the rest of the season. Covington wasn't put in a very good situation to succeed, given the score and the environment, but he looked far from a viable option during most of his snaps. Though it's also important to remember that Diamont is a true freshman as well, and while he was recruited to play QB (as opposed to Covington, who came as an athlete / linebacker), it doesn't necessarily mean he can come right in and play well.

Get well soon, Suds. We need you badly.