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Winning with Style

Or, What Happens When Candy Gets Creative

I approve of all of these.
I approve of all of these.
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

This is Indiana head football coach Kevin Wilson.

Original Kevin Wilson

Hi Coach.

As we all know, Kevin Wilson is a man who celebrates victories (or at least his fake contemporary does). When he celebrates, he most often celebrates with #VictoryBacon.

Victory Bacon

Mmm, bacon.

As our own KickSewly has noted, occasionally Kevin likes to indulge in #VictoryBankin'.

Victory Banking

Fiscal responsibility!

But did you know that Kevin also enjoys some #VictoryBakin'?

Victory Baking


Or during the Autumn season, #VictoryRakin'?

Victory Raking

Clear lawn, full bags, can't lose!

And his grillmaster skills with #VictorySteakin'?

Victory Steaking

That's a tasty gridiron.

And around Halloween (or when Wisconsin men's basketball comes to town), you know there's some #VictoryStake'n.

Victory Stakeing

Kevin Wilson, Vampire Hunter

And after the regular season wraps up, there's some #VictoryThankin'.

Victory Thanking

Pass the pumpkin pie, Nate.

But when all those aren't good enough, Kevin knows only one way to celebrate the big wins (we think Fred's taught him a few things.)

Victory Tanking

Yippie ki yay.

You don't mess with Wilson.

Kevin Wilson, Tank Commander

Make my day.