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Once again, our writers give you some free betting advice. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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This week, we answer a few very important questions in our predictions. These include:

  • Will IU finally win back-to-back games for the first time in forever?
  • Can the state of Mississippi continue its SEC dominance?
  • And guess which two B1G schools we described as tire fires? (Hint: Not Purdue!)

Well, last week's results were kind of ridiculous, considering Nebraska had the most backdoor cover ever and Michigan lost but covered the three-point spread. But if you really want to know, here were the results:

Kick: 7-2
Kyle: 5-4
C4B: 4-5
Miller: 3-6
Ben: 3-6 (sad face)

Now with that out of the way, let's jump into this week. There are only 5 B1G games, so I included a few other matchups from the SEC and Big 12 that feature top-5 teams.


Iowa (-3.5) vs. Indiana

C4B: Indiana - I'm predicting Good IU shows up.

Ben: Iowa - Tevin Coleman repeatedly gets stuffed by a top-notch Iowa defense and the Hawkeyes barely do enough on offense to get a close win. I think this bored high schooler has a pretty good idea of what the final score will be.

Kick: Indiana - y o u   c a n ‘ t   s t o p   m e

Consensus: Indiana, 2-1

Wisconsin (-25.5) vs. Illinois

C4B: Wisconsin - Prepare the steamroller that is Melvin Gordon.

Ben: Wisconsin - Bucky is mad about last week and the Illini are a tire fire, so this spread cannot be high enough.

Kick: Wisconsin - "But if you take away 60 of those Wisconsin points, we only lost by 13." - Tim Beckman, about 50 hours from now.


Consensus: Wisconsin, 3-0

Minnesota (-4) vs. Northwestern

C4B: Minnesota -I think this is the game Northwestern starts coming back to Earth.

Ben: NW - The Gophers' most impressive win was against a Michigan team that was both literally and figuratively broken.

Kick: NW - I can't think of a better way for this conference season to culminate than Michigan State obliterating Northwestern in Indianapolis on some cold December evening.

Consensus: Northwestern, 2-1

Michigan State (-21) at Purdue

C4B: MSU - On the assumption that the Spartans will continue to play as they have this year, and not revert to the last time these teams met.

Ben: MSU - No 4th quarter meltdown in West Lafayette this week.

Kick: MSU - The Spartans' March to the Sea is going to be downright troubling to watch at times. They'll be selling out for style points to impress the committee, and with all the chaos of last weekend, they've got a legitimate shot if they can finish without another loss.

Consensus: Sparty, 3-0

Michigan (-1) vs. Penn State

C4B: Penn State - Because Michigan is still a tire fire.

Ben: Penn State - If you had told me two years ago that Michigan and Penn State would be in the respective situations they're in right now, I'd have called you crazy.

Kick: Penn State - I'm done. I'm not picking Michigan anymore. (Michigan wins by 30.)

Consensus: Penn State, 3-0

Auburn (-3) at Mississippi State

C4B: Auburn - See Minnesota.

Ben: Miss. St. - Anyone remember when these two teams played to a 3-2 final score in a game that EDSBS has dubbed the "Baby I'm Burning" game? Let's hope this one is a little better played. Dak Prescott cements his Heisman candidacy in a high-scoring shootout in Starkvegas. CLANGA.

Kick: Miss. St. - (SEC Implodes)

Consensus: Mississippi State, 2-1

Baylor (8) vs. TCU

C4B: Baylor - TCU, I love ya, but you're overrated and a half right now.

Ben: TCU - Bryce Petty looked shaky against a Texas team with 10 people on it last week. After TCU upsets the Bears, a Baylor student tweets "More like Fart Briles am I right lol." It gets 5,000 retweets.

Kick: Baylor - I don't watch a lot of Big 12 football, doctor's orders.

Consensus: Baylor, 2-1

Texas A&M (-2) vs. Ole Miss

C4B: Ole Miss - When in doubt, points points points.

Ben: A&M - Doctor Bo has no prescription for the 12th Man.

Kick: A&M - The indirect effect of a TAMU blowout of Ole Miss on the collective conscience of Bama fans, and the subsequent calls into Finebaum are too delectable to not root for wholeheartedly.

Consensus: A&M, 2-1