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Hoosier Hoops Player Power Rankings

After a week into the conference season, we're introducing a new idea to the site. Everyone has power rankings of other teams (including this site) but not everyone ranks their own team. After the jump we take a look at which players played their best and provided the most value.

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The below table is in reference to this past week alone. This power ranking will adjust weekly based on what a specific player did that week and not their overall body of work. For example, if Vonleh has a triple double this week and then goes 0-fer the next week there's a very good chance he'll go from #1 to #10.

Either way, check below for this week's rankings.

1 Yogi Ferrell An average Ortg of 113 over two losses ranks second on the team behind Will Sheehey. However, Yogi's 47 points over 76 minutes pushes him to the top of the first weekly player power ranking.
2 Will Sheehey After looking a little closer at the numbers Will Sheehey's performance against Michigan State gave him a huge boost in perception and reality. Leading the team in Ortg he also scored 21 points despite his low usage rate.
3 Noah Vonleh Vonleh comes in at #3 on this week's list. Still struggling with foul trouble and demanding the ball, he provides a huge boost to the team even when he isn't scoring. 18 rebounds in 2 games will keep him high on the list even if he's scoring buckets for the other team.
4 Troy Williams I was surprised to find myself putting Williams this high. However, 46 minutes in which he averaged an ORtg of 96 puts him ahead of most. 12 points isn't spectacular, but only 1 turnover in high minutes gets him the nod for fourth.
5 Evan Gordon A non-factor in the Michigan State game, Gordon slots in at 5 because of his strong role in the Illinois game. After all we're only a Evan Gordon jumper away from feeling a lot better about ourselves.
6 Stanford Robinson Stan is basically the opposite of Gordon. He was a strong factor in the Michigan State game after being a detriment at Illinois. Robinson seemed to find some rhythm against Michigan State and may battle for a starting spot soon.
7 Jeremy Hollowell If Robinson is battling for a starting spot it is probably Hollowell's. Jeremy has not made the leap that we expected this year and though he's improved it hasn't been enough. As a starter 4 points in two games isn't acceptable. Sure he does the dirty stuff as he was second on the team in rebounds, but it's going to take more than that to jump up this list and hold onto his starting spot.
8 Hanner Mosquera-Perea Despite low minutes, Perea has shown some strong play as a role player. At Illinois he had 6 points and 4 rebounds in 15 minutes. Unfortunately he didn't follow that up against MSU with only 2 rebounds in 7 minutes to show for it. Flashes of excellence need more consistency from Perea.
9 Devin Davis 20 minutes of game time from Davis gets him 9th on the list. A low usage guy he's essentially out there to rebound and play defense. He did his job rebounding as he pulled down 1 board every 2 minutes, but he needs to offer some sort of offense in order to climb the rankings.
10 Jeff Howard 2 minutes against Illinois. Still, a walk-on grabbing time that isn't in garbage time makes it a successful week.
11 Collin Hartman 2 minutes, 1 rebound after the game had broken down into AAU ball against Michigan State.
12 Jonny Marlin 3 minutes of time where he, 6' Ferrell and 6' Gordon were on the floor at once. It didn't really hurt or help, but it was certainly weird.
13 Austin Etherington

3 minutes in late crunch time against Illinois. However, he had a 5 second inbounding violation when it mattered. Which drops him below the other low minutes getters.