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Hoosiers Host Michigan State: Game Thread

Ben Woloszyn-USA TODAY Sports

Today at 2:00 pm EST on CBS the Hoosiers will battle in their first home game against #5 Michigan State. The Hoosiers have quite a bit to prove today and if they can prove an ability to hold serve on their home court against Michigan State then they'll prove that every home game should be a win. That would go quite a ways to relieving some nail-biting from Hoosier nation early.

Because of the implications going forward, this game probably means a lot more as a win than it does a loss. A lot of confidence can be gleaned from a win today, meanwhile a loss is far from a back breaker. This victory would provide Indiana with a big scalp to hang on their wall when it comes to talking resume wins. But first the Hoosiers have to get the victory. Look for the guard match-up to pace this game. If Yogi can get Appling to struggle distributing the ball then Indiana will have a nice advantage. It should be interesting to say the least. Stick around to provide some comments good or bad. Go Hoosiers!