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Indiana at Michigan State: Game Thread

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Won't be around for this one as I have a work event. However, that work event involves watching IU with some Indiana people and eating and drinking their food and drinks so it won't be all bad. That being said I'll be only on Twitter and not in this comment section. However, let's hope that there is still something worth watching.

As seen in the preview I don't have the greatest confidence in the world about tonight, but much like my thought process against Wisconsin, stranger things have happened. I once again invite everyone to mentally prepare for everything. Nothsa pointed out the game in 2011 where we went into East Lansing and with a pretty bad IU team took a very good MSU team to the wire. We're still Indiana basketball and we still are chalked full of raw talent.

My fingers are crossed that some of that raw talent comes through tonight in our moment of greatest need. Perhaps Jeremy Hollowell comes back with a focus and demeanor we have yet to see? It'd be a damn tough atmosphere to try and do it in, but a good Jeremy and Yogi would be clutch tonight. Either way, we can always root for individual performances.

Noah Vonleh will have an easier match up tonight against Matt Costello with no Payne and he's going to need numbers to get his seventh freshman of the week award. He currently sits at 6 and 3rd all time since 2010. If he can generate another double-double that would be pretty sweet. So I guess what I'm saying is find the little things to be proud about tonight. The big picture probably isn't going to go our way. But to hell with the negativity. Go Hoosiers!