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Hoosiers vs. Northwestern Game Day Thread

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Trying to build on the success of this past Tuesday the Hoosiers host Northwestern. To build on Indiana's early week success it would be great to see not just a win today but an easy win. The Hoosiers need to continue to work towards cutting down on turnovers and continuing a fluid half court offense.

Look for Yogi Ferrell to have another big day. David Sobolewski is going to be a light participant if he participates at all in this game. Meaning that the Hoosiers are going to have an advantage on the guard front. If Yogi can continue to get to the rim instead of settling for jumpers the rest of the squad should benefit quite a bit.

I'd also like to see Will Sheehey and Noah Vonleh assert themselves are show some force in this one. I don't feel that they're at all necessary, but Sheehey has been stringing together some great games over the last two weeks and you always want to see that continue. Vonleh on the other hand has been good but not amazing. Would be nice for him to assert his presence on the rebounding end especially. I want more double-doubles. Stick around to see if I get my wish.