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Indiana vs. Wisconsin: The Full Homersota Preview

Full Homersota (adj): The act of completely favoring your team, regardless of prior performance or even logic. Coined by GoAUpher of Off-Tackle Empire.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The place: Assembly Hall, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

The teams: The Wisconsin Fighting Bo Ryans (more commonly known as Badgers) and your Indiana Hoosiers!

What's at stake: For Wisconsin, the continuation of their current undefeated run. For Indiana, their first win over Wisconsin in a revenue generating sport in a long time (approximately forever ago).

What does Vegas say: Vegas says check back later (the perils of writing an article Sunday night)

What does the Fox say:

The current mood of IU fans right now, judging only by the "iubb" hashtag: Pessimistic, given that Illinois just lost an awful game to Northwestern. As you may remember, we lost to Illinois.

How important is this game on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is an exhibition game and 10 is the National Championship): A solid 7. More important than the Big Ten-ACC challenge, but less important than the Big Ten Tournament final.

Over/under on number of nets Coach Crean would cut down if IU wins this game: 2.5

My completely biased, barely researched analysis: Wisconsin has scored all over the place this year, showing that they are not only a slowdown team, just mostly a slowdown team. Indiana, meanwhile, has thrown the ball all over the place this year. This is a match between the often but not always stoppable force and the slowly moving but mostly immoveable object. However, this game is the first one back at Assembly Hall for the students after winter break, so maybe they'll come back ready to shout Bo Ryan deaf. That may be the best way for Indiana to win.

Reasonable score prediction: Wisconsin 75, Indiana 63

FULL HOMERSOTA prediction: Indiana 84, Wisconsin 56