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Hoosiers go to Happy Valley: Game Thread

Indiana rolls into Happy Valley in a game they are pretty desperate to start their conference winning ways.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoosiers are pretty desperate for a conference victory early this conference season. Today is definitely one of those games the Hoosiers should be walking in expecting to win. No road win in the Big Ten is necessarily easy and with the Hoosiers not being as good as many of us originally imagined it's not necessarily easy to feel confident about this win.

Still the Hoosiers SHOULD pull this one out. Much like Illinois it shouldn't matter how pretty the win is as long as it is a win. Everyone should be happy with that. What would make me and a lot of people much more confident about this slow start is if the Hoosiers can pace the game and keep a comfortable lead most of the way. If Indiana loses, well we're looking at a very likely 0-4 start to the conference before we get another chance at a win. Stick around for all the ups and downs.

Unfortunately I probably won't be around for this one outside of a few posts and tweets from my phone. I volunteered to attend a competition with my wife and some friends before I realized the time and date conflicted. Still, I'll be here in spirit. Go Hoosiers.