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Grading the Hoosier Sports Year So Far

A few letters for a few teams/players.


A+: The best grade has to go to the best team of the 2013-2014 season so far, the IU Women's Basketball team. Curt Miller's squad has jumped out to the best start in program history, and is ranked for the first time in almost 21 years. It's pretty easy to argue they're the best basketball team in Bloomington.

B: The recruiting job being done by IUFB right now. 18 commits in, and the team just got a 3 star DB from Florida and kept a 4 star wide receiver in state and away from Mizzou. We won't know for a while yet just how good these guys are, but what we are getting is another step in the right direction for a team that really needed a few the last few years.

B-: The men's soccer team had a rough 2013, but managed to keep the school's streak of NCAA tournament appearances alive by running the table in the Big Ten tourney. Todd Yeagley's team is projected to lose a couple players to the MLS Superdraft, so hopefully the team can reload and return to the top of the B1G next season.

C: The men's basketball team has had a decent season, but with no quality wins or bad losses so far, we're still not sure exactly what this team is made of, or how far they may go. We're not sure about a lot of things around this team, so they get stuck right in the middle.

D-: The IUFB defense was a group of guys that tried hard, made a few plays, but generally got steamrolled by teams with a pulse. The fans' calls for Doug Mallory's job have yet to be answered, so whether or not he'll still be in charge come next season is anyone's guess, though current signs have to point to him staying. Hopefully, if he does stick around, he'll figure out something to make the defense click.