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Indiana vs. Navy: Game Thread

Well here we are. Week 2 and Indiana's first bench mark to know where we stand as a team going forward. Will the Hoosiers show up and dominate? Will it remain tight to the end or do they flounder against the triple option. This is the place for you to gripe, complain, yell, cheer and scream.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Week two is up us and the Hoosiers will have a go at getting revenge on Navy for last year's meltdown. I imagine we'll see a much more focused and capable defense than what we saw last year. And on the offensive side of the ball I would expect more sustained drives that eat up clock rather than the quick strike or three and out that we saw so much of last year. As said in yesterday's preview, I expect the Hoosiers to take this one going away. Hang out here during the game to give your input, thoughts and feelings.

We're also going to use this for the whole day, leading up to Indiana's kick-off for anyone wanting to fill the board with snark about other Big Ten teams. Cincy, fresh off a butt kicking of Purdue, will be heading to Illinois to try and take out B1G team number 2 on the season. Indiana State will be driving the hour and a half up to West Lafayette to see if they can fair better against the Boilers than they did in Bloomington. Michigan State and Penn State welcome South Florida and Eastern Michigan respectively. Missouri State, Tennessee Tech and San Diego State all go into B1G venues at Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio State.

Those are all the early games and it should be a big week for the Big Ten again. Everyone but Minnesota is home and they only have to travel to New Mexico State. If Michigan can drop Notre Dame tonight and Nebraska can find their defense against Southern Miss, I don't think it is out of the question to see the conference only drop one game. Illinois most likely will not be Cincinnati. But, that's why we play the games. Enjoy the #victorybacon.