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Indiana Football 42 Bowling Green 10: Post Game Thread

Indiana after some poor plays and decision making early in the game recovered and never really let it be a game. Scoring and advancing the ball in every way, the Hoosiers offense had no problem. The defense also showed up big after an upsetting performance last week.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana with Nate Sudfeld at the helm were pretty fantastic today. The Hoosiers offense had some early 4th down turnovers on the one yard line but that was with Tre Roberson providing some variety. Indiana strayed from that strategy after the early failures and the offense never looked back. Seriously, I'm not sure there is another offense in the Big Ten that I'd rather have than Indiana's. They're very very very good.

More importantly, the defense showed up today. Only allowing 3 points on their own, they were able to force a ton of third downs and were pretty effective getting Bowling Green off the field. There is still plenty of work left to do, but it's OK to feel optimistic about the future of the defense. We're seeing signs of improvement. Not sure it will make a huge effect this season, but they're improving.

Overall good game. Glad to see Indiana take care of business in a game where there were a lot of questions about the long term season goals. Gotta be happy with this one. Now we'll sit back and watch what the rest of the conference can do. Nebraska already got rail roaded by UCLA and Michigan was taken to the wire by Akron. So through three games our Hoosiers have by far the best performance.