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Indiana defeats Indiana State: Postgame Recap

This game was pretty well over before it started. The Hoosiers relaxed and made some big mental errors in the middle, but after 5 minutes into the game, there wasn't much doubt that the rout was on.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana wrapped up their season opener well after 11 pm. It really got so bad, that I'm actually writing this quick recap at the start of the fourth quarter. Indiana saw their offensive output come from everywhere. They passed, they ran and then kick returned their way into Indiana record books with their 66+ point outbreak. The defense had one bad drive on their second attempt, before really locking it down and enforcing their will on the Indiana State offense.

A very solid first outing for the season overall. Get rid of the mental mistakes to end the first half and start the second half that spotted the Sycamores 21 points and we're looking at an even bigger blowout. The Hoosiers will now start game planning for the Navy Midshipman next Saturday. Hopefully that will include Shane Wynn and he took a cheap shot on a punt return early in the second half where the Sycamore player was ejected.