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Indiana Football Still Missing a Starting Quarterback

I really thought we'd hear this weekend about who we would be starting on Thursday at quarterback, but that decision or at least the manifestation of that decision has not been made known to the public. So, while we wait, we'll go through that decision process ourselves.

Joe Robbins

We're three days away from the open of the season against Indiana State and there still hasn't been any word on exactly who will start. Kevin Wilson and company have been adamant that everyone has performed quite well in practice, but no one has set themselves apart from the other two. So, assuming they aren't just blowing smoke and everyone has performed as been reported to the media by the coaching staff, who should get the job? Cal and I took a look at the choice between Cam Coffman, Nate Sudfeld and Tre Roberson and came to the same conclusion. Tre Roberson should be the guy.

Cal: I think Tre will get the nod. He would have been the starter for all of last season if it had not been for his injury. Honestly, we wouldn't even be talking about a QB controversy had Tre not gone down last season. I think all 3 QB's have roughly equal arms, but Tre has the running factor. That's what sets him apart from the other two. It'll be Tre.

AJ: I would agree with Cal's assessment. Though I'm not a fan of a guy losing his job to injury, I'm glad that the staff didn't just hand the job back to Roberson when he proved he was healthy. I like Tre a lot but he's still not the best thrower he could be. I would imagine the stiff competition this summer brought a little more out of him this off-season. I expect Tre's arm to be improved from last year. Couple that with his great ability to run the ball and he's a major dual threat quarterback.

Assuming he stays in the pocket and is a thrower first, I imagine he's the best guy for the job. He has the legs to save himself if the young line botches a play and he throws well on the run. Not to say Sudfeld and Coffman can't do those things as well, but Roberson has the next level running that sets him apart.

Despite both Cal and I (and most of the fans on here) thinking Roberson should be the guy, I could see any of the three getting the nod. Sudfeld would be choice B for me. I think his added size and stature helps him take a little more abuse in the pocket than either of the other options. Sudfeld's a big kid with a good arm. As a pure pocket passer he would be Indiana's best option.

Then you have Cam Coffman, who is the best decision maker of the three. Coffman, though third on my list, isn't necessarily the third best option. His decision making and knowing when and where to throw the ball is a step above the younger Roberson and Sudfeld. After a year of experience under his belt and a running game that should help him better manage the clock, I doubt we'd see the late game gambles that he was forced to attempt last year. 7 of his 11 thrown interceptions came in the final three games of last season.

So there is what all three have to offer. The staff here thinks Tre Roberson is the best that Indiana has to offer with everything else being equal. But what does Hoosier Nation think? I have a sneaking suspicion everyone else is probably on the Roberson bandwagon too, but I'd like to hear any other thoughts of someone who may be pro Sudfeld or Coffman.