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According To Big Ten: Indiana Basketball Leads Conference in Attendance

The Hoosier faithful have done it once again blazing the trail for basketball attendance in the best attended conference in the nation. It's been a couple years since the Hoosiers were able to take the top conference spot, but they pulled it off this season after coming close the last few.


Indiana Basketball has always been a major focal point for attendance and last year was no different. Once again the Hoosiers led the way in the conference with an average attendance of 17,412. That was good enough for fifth in the nation as well. That average fell 60 seats a game shy of selling out every single game last year. So truly, fifth is about the best Indiana can do with their venue size. The average sold capacity of Assembly Hall last year was 99.66%. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Overall the Big Ten was once again outstanding, leading the national conference average for the 37th straight season. As far as I'm aware, no other conference really comes close to touching the Big Ten at the moment. 7 Big Ten schools came in the top 25. With Wisconsin being the closes behind Indiana at 16,843 per game. Following up Indiana and Wisconsin's showing you had Ohio State, Illinois, Michigan State, Iowa and Minnesota.

Indiana, OSU and Wisconsin flip flopped from last year when the Hoosiers came in third, Ohio State in second and Wisconsin came in first. On top of that Illinois and Michigan State held steady at fourth and fifth in conference. Purdue fell from sixth to out of the top seven all together and Iowa leap frogged Minnesota for sixth. Michigan is still embarrassingly not able to crack the top 7 in attendance despite having a huge year.