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Indiana Hoosiers Football Ranked 63rd by CBS Sports in Preseason List

The Hoosiers are getting some respect from the national media, by just not being ranked last with some snarky comment to go with it.


I don't know if you call being ranked #63 in the nation's preseason top 126 respect or not, but we should all be excited to see were just not ranked last by default with some snarky comment to go with it. The Hoosiers come in 8th in the Big Ten according to CBS Sports with Iowa, Purdue, Minnesota and Illinois all falling in behind the Hoosiers. I think that says something about some people at least believing in what is going on in Bloomington.

The Hoosiers schedule goes as follows according to their full 126 team ranking.

Indiana State (FCS doesn't make the list)

Navy - 59

Bowling Green - 95

Missouri - 52

Penn State - 34

@Michigan State - 32

@Michigan -17

Minnesota - 72

Illinois - 73

@Wisconsin - 31

@Ohio State - 2

Purdue - 68

So if we go strictly according to how CBS expects the season to play out before it even begins, then we're looking at the Hoosiers with a 5-7 record. If you account for home games favoring the home team when teams are ranked closely together, adding Navy and Missouri to the list of victims isn't too big of a stretch.

If that occurs, we're looking at a 7 win season for Indiana for the first time in what feels like a decade. It's actually only been since 2007. So what do you think? Are the rankings pretty spot on until we know more of what Indiana is made of, or should they be higher or lower?

For me, I'd say they're just right for the moment. We only have speculation about what the Hoosiers are capable of. Certainly it feels like the trend is much higher than 63rd, but history and youth are telling my brain to take the wait and see approach.

To see the full list, check the link below.