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Hoosiers Lose Starting CB, Stud Recruit WR

Marshall violates team rules; Williams can't make the grades.


This is always an interesting time of year if you're an Indiana sports fan. Football season is just around the corner, and with it come the release of the rosters for the start of camp. I remember this time 2 years ago, Kevin Wilson was pretty much "trimming the fat". Essentially, he was getting rid of the slackers who got by playing for Bill Lynch. The same thing seems to happen every year, only to a lesser extent. This season, three notable players will not be joining the team in camp. According to this article at the Hoosier Scoop, starting CB Antonio Marshall was dismissed due to a violation of team rules. Cuts are not limited to the veterans; freshmen Maurice Swain, a DT, and wide receiver Taj Williams were kicked to the curb due to not meeting academic requirements.

These losses definitely hurt; all 3 could have provided quality depth to a team that could definitely use it. I was especially excited about the possible addition of Williams given his impressive list of offers. However, I'm also glad that the football program holds these kids to a high standard on and off the field. Hopefully we won't be seeing too many more dismissals from the team.