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Kevin Wilson and Indiana Football at Big Ten Media Day

Kevin Wilson will be on at 12:15 this afternoon for his media day session. It should be interesting to hear Wilson speak as he'll most assuredly have a few good soundbites to help us get into camp in two weeks.


Stay tuned here as we check out Kevin Wilson's Big Ten Media Day interview. As he takes the podium I will be taking my "lunch break" to tune in on ESPN3. You can always swing by the current live thread SBN's Big Ten site has running to catch up on everyone else's talking heads. Until then I'll be listening to ESPN3 in the background at work and will chime in with some tidbits I find interesting in the comments, until this can be updated with Wilson's musings.


Wilson came out pretty quick to address some of the issues that the media of course was going to ask about. He commented on some of the issues we had on defense and discussed player development throughout the off-season. Overall his opening statements were encouraging. Focusing on capitalizing on the youth and added experiences from playing that youth in the past two years. The words were encouraging that Wilson and company know their flaws and how they're going to build on last year to make a jump this year.

Wilson was asked and address the quarterback battle going on. He stated that he didn't bring a quarterback for player interviews this week due to his uncertainty with who will be playing the most snaps. "They're all great leaders and bring a unique skill to the position." He continued, "I don't think any guy has had a bad day, they all just bring a different skill set to have really made a decision before camp." When asked what he looks for in a starter Wilson responded that Sudfeld has the best arm, Coffman the most moxie and Roberson the best athlete. Camp will help make the final decision.

In reference to the RB's, Wilson was very talkative about Tevin Coleman. Wilson suggested that through the spring Coleman actually had the better hands. Coleman will still likely fall behind Stephen Houston in the two deep, but Wilson stated that they'll play two backs primarily and those guys look to be Stephen Houston and Coleman.

Answering questions on the freshmen, Wilson believes that they'll do a lot to improve the linebackers most of all. He suggested that the class coming in is the most talented group of guys they've had come in. He expects them to produce a lot of competition in practice and have more production on the field than some may expect. He specifically mentioned TJ Simmons, stating that he will be an impact player in the two-deep at MLB. Ultimately, Wilson sounded very positive on the freshman class. If they're half as good as Wilson believes they are, they should improve the defense quite dramatically even as freshman.

Overall the interview was mostly expected talking points. You get a sense that Wilson feels that there will be some very positive forward steps taken this year. I expect us to get a lot more information in the next few weeks as camp fires up and the kids come back to town on Friday.

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