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Hoosiers Finish With Perfect APR Score For The 3rd Straight Year

The Indiana basketball team continues to impress both on and off the court.


When Tom Crean took over as head coach here at IU, the Hoosiers APR score was one of the worst in the nation. Now? His squad has scored perfect for the 3rd year in a row.

I'm not an expert on the APR, but I believe schools that score the highest are those who graduate kids in "good academic standing". I don't believe kids leaving early for the draft or transferring affect the score, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Anywho, this is a very impressive accomplishment, one that all Hoosier fans can be proud of. It looks like Marni Mooney and the rest of the academic advising staff for the team are doing great work. A lot of people, including myself, criticize Crean for his on court coaching decisions, but this is something that should be celebrated. He deserves the credit for recruiting great, smart kids and creating this culture in the basketball program.