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New Additions to the Writing Staff

The Crimson Quarry is continuing to grow its staff in an ever necessary process of improving our product.

Good Afternoon everyone. I'm excited to inform our readers that we will be adding not only new writers to the staff but new perspective as well. Our current stable is certainly strong, but I always feel that this site should strive to improve and not get complacent. Luckily, I tripped and fell into two writers that show a lot of promise.

The first new guy is Byron (byronkewel). An incoming senior to Topeka West HS, Byron already is experienced in writing for college sports in the SBN Network. A contributing author to Rock Chalk Talk and Mountain West Connection he will be bringing in a fresh prospective from an outsider (currently). This summer he will be attending IU's School of Journalism camp in Bloomington. So not only do we get fresh prospective but we're getting him on campus for an official as well. An avid Jayhawks fan, Byron has Indiana in the blood as well. With his grandmother being an alumnus there is Hoosier running though his veins. Byron is hoping to use this opportunity to grow his skills and preparing himself for a career in sports where learning a team and opponent on the fly is key.

Second up to the plate is Josh (joshdhani). Josh is joining us from the other end of the spectrum as Byron. Josh is a Hoosier born and bred. A budding writer since the age 11, he's spun his skills into his own site (A USA Today Sports affiliate). His site has been featured by ESPN's Sports Nation as "Site of the Day" and he's seen his stuff pop up on ESPN, USA Today, Fox, CBS and MSN. Josh will be the grizzled vet of our new double play combo.

So, welcome to Byron and Josh. It is my hope that with a combination of fresh prospective and seasoned vet we can capture the ups and downs of IU sports fandom from all angles. Combining these two with the current guys on staff, I feel confident that we can continue to grow and thrive as a site. John set us a strong foundation and now we will try and build up from there.