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Hoosiers Baseball Wins Big Ten Tournament

A crazy championship game on a chilly Minnesota afternoon ended in dramatic fashion as the Hoosiers walk-off against Nebraska in the bottom of the ninth.

The Hoosiers were able to put another notch on the accomplishment belt this afternoon as they add a Big Ten Tournament title to their regular season title. With a final score of 4-3 the Hoosiers are guaranteed to move on to the NCAA tournament (not that there was any threat that they wouldn't).

Will Coursen-Carr pitched a magnificent baseball game for a freshman. Going the distance he allowed 8 hits but kept the Huskers to 3 runs in over 120 pitches thrown. Manager Tracy Smith asked a whole lot out of the freshman from Ft. Wayne, but he delivered his end of the deal. Nebraska rarely hit Coursen-Carr hard and when they did they couldn't straighten it out. This will be a game for the ages in his young career.

On the offensive end of the ball everyone looked great as usual. The bottom of the ninth was specifically a good sample of what Indiana has done all year. Will Nolden came in as a replacement to Chris Sujka and battled off several pitches from Nebraska Jeff Chestnut before depositing the ball into right-center field for a double. The hit forced Nebraska to walk the Big Ten's best hitter in Kyle Schwarber before Sam Travis came to the plate and took a walk to load the bases. Scott Donley then stepped up and slapped a no doubt base hit to win the game.

It was just a good set of hitting throughout the whole inning and you gotta feel good about getting the freshman the win as well. Now the Hoosiers will be hanging out for a bit before the NCAA Regional locations are announced. It sounds like it's a given that Bloomington will be hosting one of those regionals. Indiana will go on to try and make some noise by getting through their hosted regional and into the College World Series.