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A change in leadership at The Crimson Quarry.

After over six years of this, it's time to take a step back for a while.


The headline doesn't leave much guesswork, does it? I have stepped down as site manager of The Crimson Quarry, effective very soon. It's difficult to cede control, but ultimately this was an easy decision, as I'll explain below.

Hard as it is for me to believe, this past Indiana basketball season was my seventh as a blogger. I started my Blogger site, the Hoosier Report, in February 2007, back when we were sure Kelvin Sampson was obeying his double secret probation and when we just knew that Coach Hep would beat cancer. I joined SB Nation in March 2009, at the very end of the worst basketball season in IU history. Two more 20-loss seasons followed, as did four straight football seasons in which the Hoosiers won no more than one Big Ten game. I don't mean to focus on the lows, because there have been highs: the excitement of "Play 13" in the 2007 football season, the excellent 2007-08 basketball season (how did it end? can't recall), and of course the basketball program's return to relevance over the past two seasons. Still, the lows, and the certainty that things would get better, were what kept me at this. Really, a year ago I was at the point where it had become difficult to justify the time and effort in light of competing obligations, but after enduring the low years, I was not going to miss the 2012-13 basketball season. When I started my original blog, I had no children. Now, our fourth is on the way. My professional life has become increasingly busy. Obviously, that's a good thing, but it has become more difficult to find the spare time for quality work. In short, as I explained to SB Nation when I made this decision a few weeks ago, I'm at the point where I need to dedicate myself entirely to my career when I am at work and entirely to my home life when I am at home.

What makes this move easier than it would be otherwise is the knowledge that The Crimson Quarry will remain in good hands. While we haven't moved into the upper echelon of the network in terms of page views, I'm extremely proud of the high quality, knowledgeable, and respectful community of commenters that we have built here. I thank all of you for that. Of course, much of the credit goes to the other contributors to the front page, Devin, Austan, and recently Cal. I would be remiss if I didn't mention JustAJ, and not just because he was the first co-contributor I invited onto the masthead. The best news in this post is that AJ will be returning to the fold and will be taking over as site manager. I'm happy and relieved that the site will be able to make a smooth transition, and grateful to AJ and the SB Nation brass for making it happen.

None of this is to say that I won't be around in the comments. I certainly will be, and perhaps the occasional guest post will be in the works. But for the most part, I'm going to take a step back and observe the news cycle rather than take part in it. Again, thank you to all of your for reading, and for commenting. I'll see you around.