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Evan Gordon commits to Indiana.

The younger brother of Eric Gordon will use his final year of eligibility at IU.

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A couple of weeks after Remy Abell and Maurice Creek left IU in the rare position of being undersigned, the Hoosiers once again have a full roster. Evan Gordon, the younger brother of former IU player/current NBA point guard Eric Gordon, will play his last year of college ball in Bloomington. Butler was the only finalist for IU’s services. Gordon played his first two years at Liberty University (Eric Gordon, Sr.’s alma mater) before transferring to Arizona State for last season. Evan won’t be mistaken for his older brother, but he’s a very solid addition to a roster that needs backcourt depth. For his career, Gordon averages 12.1 points per game and shoots 41 percent from the field, 35 percent from three point range, and 75 percent from the line. He was fairly close to his career averages last season at ASU, where he scored 10.1 points per game in 32 minutes per game.

This is a very good get for several reasons. First, IU needs him. He should be at least a replacement for Abell, if not a bit of an upgrade. Second, it allows the Gordon family to build a relationship with Tom Crean and his staff. Youngest brother Eron, who will be a sophomore next year, apparently will be as coveted a recruit as Eric was. This doesn’t guarantee that IU will land Eron, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. Finally, there has been some internet chatter surrounding Tom Crean’s confrontation with Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer in the regular season finale. Meyer was Eric Gordon, Sr.’s college coach and was on the IU staff when Eric, Jr. played for the Hoosiers. This would seem to put to rest the concerns that the Gordons were sour on Crean because of his beef with Meyer.

In any event, it’s a good day for IU. Welcome, Evan!