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Oladipo to NBA, officially.

At a press conference in Bloomington, Victor Oladipo has announced that he will be leaving IU to enter the NBA draft.

Moses Robinson

We all knew it was coming, but any small glimmer of hope we might have had has officially been extinguished: Victor Oladipo will be entering the NBA Draft. As mentioned earlier today, this has been expected. Perhaps more interesting will be the announcement of Cody Zeller, which Terry Hutchens and others are reporting will be tomorrow. Perhaps there is a bit more hope with Zeller, but those in a position to know expect him to declare as well.

I'm not going to go all John Calipari and declare this "the greatest day in the history of IU basketball" or anything like that. Still, consider where this program was in 2008-09. As much as we would prefer to have Zeller and Oladipo in stripes next year, it's a positive sign for the program that IU has two guys good enough to make the leap early, and both of them are likely to be picked in the top 10. Oladipo will leave with his degree, and Zeller will be within shouting distance. They will be missed, but this is not a bad thing.