Looking ahead -- lineups for 2013-14

Joe Robbins

The comments to some of the other articles have started to look ahead to next year. Which is appropriate. As 87 noted, next year's team will be the tallest and most athletic we have seen in awhile. Probably since 2002. Anyway, I need some help sorting out who does what, as I start to think through lineups in my head. For this exercise, let's assume that Oladipo, Zeller and Creek are gone.

1: Yogi, Remy

2: Robinson, Etherington

3: Sheehey, Hollowell, Williams, Davis, Hartman

4: Vonleh, Fischer, Perea, Jurkin, Howard

First, am I missing anyone? Second, do I have everyone properly categorized? I have the sense that both Vonleh and Fischer are 4s, rather than 5s. The only real 5 we have on the roster is Jurkin, who might just be better served playing that position somewhere else.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, how many of these guys are "combo" players? One of the reasons that I love Sheehey is that I can see him playing at the 2, with Hollowell at the 3. That's two guys who can shoot or drive (per skill set; both need work) at 6-7 or above. Can Williams, Davis and/or Hartman do the same thing?

I am curious to see how Etherington looks after rehab. I don't know about any of the new guys, but he's likely to be the guy most capable of replacing the range of Watford and Hulls.

Anyway, with all of those assumptions, here's what I'd tag as the likely starting lineup on day 1: Yogi, Sheehey, Hollowell, Vonleh, Fischer.

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