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Maurice Creek to transfer.

The Maryland native excelled for IU as a freshman before injuries derailed his career.


A month ago, Indiana had three more players with eligibility remaining than they had scholarships. Now, amazingly, the Hoosiers find themselves one under the limit. Maurice Creek, who was excellent for IU as a freshman, will transfer for his final season. Creek will graduate from IU and will be eligible immediately for next season. Creek was the nation's leading freshman scorer in December 2009 when he fractured his kneecap and missed the rest of the season. In January 2011, in a home game against Michigan, he broke the other kneecap. Shortly before the beginning of the 2011-12 season, Creek tore his achilles tendon and missed that entire season. Creek was injury free this past season, but played little, averaging 7.8 minutes per game and 1.8 points per game and shooting 28 percent from the field. Unfortunately, he showed no hint of the greatness he displayed as a freshman, when he shot 52 percent from the field and 44 percent from three point range despite being a target of opposing defenses.

Because Tom Crean is involved, the "Creaning" allegations no doubt have already been gone, but it would seem difficult to put that spin on this move. IU is now under the scholarship limit, and there has been no recent discussion of any recruiting for next season's roster, at least not since Jaren Sina committed to Seton Hall. Ultimately, this probably is the right move for Creek. He never found his way into the rotation this year, and seemed unlikely to play much in 2013-14 behind Will Sheehey and freshmen Stan Robinson and Troy Williams. It is a sad end to what could have been a fantastic basketball career, but I'm glad he will earn his degree, and I hope that he is able to play meaningful minutes in what may well be his last season of competitive basketball. Best of luck, Mo.