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Remy Abell to transfer.

The sophomore will seek more playing time elsewhere.

Joe Robbins

The release isn't posted on the IU site yet, but multiple sources are reporting that IU has announced that Remy Abell will transfer to seek more playing time. Abell averaged about 10 minutes per game and 3.5 points per game in his two seasons at IU. He was a good defender, and I think me might have played major minutes next season, but it's also entirely possible that he would have been squeezed by incoming recruits. Of course, his dagger in West Lafayette in 2012 will be the most lasting memory of his IU career. Best of luck, Remy.

The scholarship implications? This means that IU is no longer oversigned, although with Crean continuing to report former Northwestern signee Jared Sina, either he knows of more attrition, or he prefers to stress fans out by being perpetually oversigned.