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Hoosier Headlines for March 27, 2013: Syracuse, etc.

A look at today's IU and Big Ten news.

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A few odds and ends for today:

An awesome, must-read profile of the Voice of the Hoosiers. Why is Don Fischer not yet in the IU Athletics Hall of Fame?

I knew it to some degree, but in many respects the loss to IU in the 1987 title game is the central moment in the history of Syracuse basketball.

It appears that Ron is more upset about what happened than he let on at first. It's unfortunate, and people with better sources than me have suggested that everything was above board.

This seems like a solid hire. Collins has no head coaching experience, but he's been a Duke assistant for a long time, he grew up in the Chicago area (when his dad, Doug Collins, was the head coach of the Bulls). On the other hand, Coach K's former players (Tommy Amaker, Johnny Dawkins, and Jeff Capel) really haven't lit it up as high major coaches. But this seems like a good move for Northwestern. Collins has credibility and knows how to recruit to an academically elite institution. Should be interesting.