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Obama's NCAA bracket: POTUS picks IU.

The President continued his annual tradition of revealing his NCAA picks to the public, and he likes the Hoosiers to prevail.

Gregory Shamus

For the fifth consecutive year, President Obama, perhaps the biggest basketball fan ever to occupy the Oval Office, has revealed his bracket to ESPN, and this year, he becomes perhaps the first high profile person I have seen who picks the Hoosiers to win it all. Unfortunately, Obama doesn't have a great track record on these things: he picked UNC last year, Kansas in 2011, Kansas in 2010, and made his one correct pick in 2009, when he also picked North Carolina. In other words, he currently has a perfect record of picking the champion in the first year of a new term. And what a sample size!

Note: this post should not be construed as an endorsement of President Obama and/or his policies and positions and is not an invitation to argue about politics in the comments. Don't you make me stop this car!