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Indiana v. Illinois: Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals game thread.

IU and Illinois open day 2 of the Big Ten Tournament.

The Hoosiers take the court against Illinois, seeking to advance to the Big Ten Tournament semifinals for the first time since 2006. IU is 1-5 against Illinois in the BTT, with the sole win coming in 2001 (and even that one was bittersweet because it probably ensured that Mike Davis would be hired long term). The Illini, who beat IU on a buzzer-beater in February, did the same to Minnesota yesterday. Let's hope that the Hoosiers can repeat the first 35 minutes of their performance in Champaign. Go IU!

Also, feel free to use this thread for discussion of the Wisconsin-Michigan game. I'll probably post a separate evening thread, but if not, continue using this one.