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National Signing Day: Indiana gains momentum

Kevin Wilson continues his rebuilding effort as the Hoosiers signed 22, including four "four-star" recruits.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Hoosiers grabbed their finest football recruiting haul in.... well, I honestly don't know when. All of the top recruits are likely to play defense, addressing the major need of last year's team. Indiana nabbed a couple of good running back prospects as well, which can't hurt. The summary. profiles, and a link to coach Wilson's press conference can all be found at the IU official site. has Indiana ranked #42 overall, and 6th in the conference. Even better, the Hoosiers are a hair behind Penn State and within spitting distance of Michigan State. doesn't rank IU so well, only slightly better than last year at 51st and 9th in the conference. Still, there is a noticeable improvement over the last ten years, going from a time when IU was finishing last or second-to-last regularly in the conference recruiting rankings.

The Crimson Commentariat have already noted that, given the likely return of Tre Roberson, a bowl berth seems very possible next season. I have to say, I'm optimistic too!