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Indiana remains atop AP poll, moves back to #1 in coaches' poll.

The Hoosiers are a consensus number one again.


Last week, the polls were split, with the media retaining IU in the top slot and the coaches ranking Duke #1. Thanks to IU's two blowout wins this week, over Nebraska and Purdue, and Duke's loss to Maryland, the Hoosiers now top both major polls.

If IU is #1 a week from now, then a) it will be close to unanimous; and b) IU will have earned it. The Hoosiers' only game this week is a road trip to Michigan State, where IU hasn't won since 1991. Indiana, Miami, Gonzaga, Michigan State, and Florida comprise the top 5 in the AP poll, while it's Indiana, Miami, Gonzaga, Florida, and MSU in the coaches' poll.