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Big Win thread: Indiana 81, Ohio State 68

Indiana comes through for a huge win in Columbus

Jamie Sabau

Hey, I think John M. is working on a real write-up for the Ohio State game, so I won't go on at length, but just wanted to give folks a chance to talk about this big win and Indiana staying on top of a killer Big Ten field.

Watching the Ohio State game for me was just a series of me throwing my hands up in the air every time Cody Zeller posted up the Buckeyes, Victor Oladipo went to work inside or outside, and wait... I think Christian Watford just hit another three. The front three for Indiana were as aggressive as I've ever seen, and it was awesome to behold. A very good Buckeyes team simply couldn't quite keep up against the more talented Hoosiers, despite being at home and scrapping for every loose ball. (Speaking of loose balls, after Oladipo came up with that one for the dunk? He just straight up outjumped any thought the defender might have had of contesting, fouling, etc. It was Superman stuff). And it was more impressive, because Ohio State is a pretty darn good team. Aaron Craft has taken over as the motor of the Buckeye offense, which honestly works okay. Ish. Although, yeah... that guy is the most consistent sneaky fouler I've seen since Dane Fife. And I don't have a word for what DeShaun Thomas does for their offense. Most impressive to me is when he caught a bobbled pass just inside the three-point line in transition, and Jordan Hulls closed correctly on him, and Thomas gave the slightest of jabsteps, and rose and fired pure. That is one of the single hardest shots in basketball to hit consistently, but Thomas looked like he was shooting a free-throw.

Maybe these guys were ticked about the loss and came out with something to prove. Maybe Cody remembered that OSU's Amir Williams was more highly ranked than he was coming out of high school. Whatever it was, I liked the relentless attack, the pugilistic "we've got an answer for whatever you're throwing at us" mentality.

This was fun. Indiana redeemed the loss in Champaign, to some extent at least, and is again neck-and-neck with MSU, Michigan, and Wisconsin for the conference title race. This was simply the best conference road win I think I've seen since the 1993 Michigan game. Great stuff.