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Luke Fischer to Transfer From Indiana

Andy Lyons

News just came across the wire that promising Wisconsin big man Luke Fischer is going to pursue a transfer away from Indiana University. My first reaction to this one is, "shit". This is going to hurt the Hoosiers not only in the short term but in the long term as well. Fischer was just starting to show some signs of coming into his own after battling with the inconsistency provided by a shoulder issue.

Fischer, a 6'11" freshman out of Germantown, Wisconsin should have plenty of opportunity to find a school that fits him. He's a typical Wisconsin big man that has great defensive instincts and a solid offensive base on which to build. The guy is very much a winner and despite only playing 10 minutes per game early into the season, figured to offer some high quality protection behind the foul prone Noah Vonleh and Hanner Perea. Now the Hoosiers are going to be vulnerable to a lack of depth on the front line in the Big Ten.

Word on the street is that he was feeling homesick during the fall semester and is looking to find a place a little closer to home. I can relate to that somewhat and feel for the guy. As many of you know I spent two years out in New Jersey at Seton Hall before I transferred to Indiana University. A big chunk of the reason I did so was because of some homesickness. Seton Hall actually offered more for me and what I wanted to do academically than IU could offer, but as Dorothy says there is no place like home.

There are times where you just get a craving for the familiar and no amount of friends or support could make up for that void. So we wish Luke the best of luck as he pursues an institution that can provide him a quality education closer to the familiar. I wouldn't be shocked if he's a Marquette Golden Eagle in the near future.