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Big Red Traditions: Indiana Fight

The Fight song, as opposed to the fight song. Remember that now.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In 1923, Leroy C. Hinkle (IU Class of '23) penned the words to and composed the music for Indiana Fight, a name that still has the potential to confuse people to this day, due to it not being the official fight song of Indiana.



The full words are rarely, if ever, sung at Indiana games anymore, as most people simply prefer to clap along and shout the line in all caps below. As you can see, there are actually words for the entire song, which have changed slightly from the original:

Fight for the Cream and Crimson,

Loyal sons of our old IU

Fight for your Alma Mater,

and the school you love so true.

Fight for old Indiana,

See her victories safely through,


For the glory of old IU.


When Hinkle died in 1970, his estate gave all rights to Indiana Fight to the University.