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Assembly Hall Getting a New Name

Joe Robbins

Well, in this world of social media I'm sure you've already heard, but Assembly Hall is getting a new name. When the AH renovations finish in 2016 the name will go from Assembly Hall to Simon-Skjodt Assembly Hall. This is fun, because only the locals will know that it is pronounced Scott and we'll get to see people struggle to pronounce it constantly. Also the name still has Assembly Hall and pretty much everyone is still going to call it that.

Either way that's not important. The important part is that Cynthia Simon-Skjodt and family donated all this money for renovations to Assembly Hall. The renovations are expected to be finished up by the 2016 season. Reportedly the number was $40 million. I guess the real question in my mind is what would you rename Assembly Hall if you had $40 million? Below are some of my suggestions

The Crimson Quarry (obviously)

Johnson Coliseum

Hoosier Hall

Basketball Court

The State of Kentucky is Stupid Arena

Shut Up Purdue, No One Likes You Stadium

That's some I have off the top of my head. What are yours? Of course rivals are welcome. There's certainly some name I'd like to apply to Mackey or Rupp Arenas.