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Indiana Football Lands 4* Offensive Line Recruit Tim Gardner

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Well just as soon as I call landing Gardner a bit of a long shot or wish list type guy he goes and commits to the Hoosiers within the hour. That's what I get for being pessimistic on some of Indiana football's recruits. Gardner makes #16 for this 2014 class and Coach Wilson is likely going to add 6 or so more before he's done for the year.

Gardner originally hails from Indianapolis. He was a graduate of Lawrence Central HS and was initially committed to Ohio State. During some of Ohio State's disciplinary issues this year, Gardner was involved in a minor off the field incident and was made an example of. His scholarship was revoked and he was stuck without a school. Fortunately for Indiana they had been recruiting his prep school teammate Jordan Fuchs for the better part of the year.

Gardner now gets the chance to come home and play for the home team after the Hoosiers beat out Temple, Louisville, Arizona, Rutgers and Syracuse according to his Rivals page. Now he had taken a few online classes at Ohio State this past season and as far as I'm aware that means he's going to have to sit out a year before he can play. Either way, Indiana should be ecstatic to have the 6-4 320 lbs. mammoth protecting their quarterbacks for the next four years.