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Indiana Grapples with the Grizzlies: Game Thread

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

We talked about it earlier and now it is time to see if this game turns out well. As discussed we know that Oakland is a very capable team of shooting themselves into a ball game. Expect them to chuck up at least 20 three point shots tonight. If Indiana can make sure they don't lose those shooters and contest most of those shots it should be a night where the Hoosiers can cruise.

Look for Troy Williams and Will Sheehey to try and get their offensive game going. Crean ranted on his radio show how Will needs to be a better rebounder and the offense will come. On the other hand, Troy needs to settle in and let the game come to him. He should be a cutter and guy that finds space on the floor in this point in his career. If Troy does that his athleticism becomes a big value without his speed of play being a detriment.

This one could be a good one, let's hope it is not. Break 20 on the point spread and consider the night successful. If it's done on the back of a breakout game from Will Sheehey, feel very very good about this. Here's to an injury free Indiana win. Go Hoosiers!