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Indiana 79 - Hillsdale College 39: It Sounded Good

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Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Well the Hoosiers got off to a slow start, but finished with authority. I wasn't able to watch the game, because I'm too cheap to pay for Big Ten Digital Network. Instead I got to spend the evening with Don Fischer on the radio. The Hoosiers got off to an abysmally slow start. They scored a bucket in first thirty seconds of the game on a Noah Vonleh layup and didn't put the ball in the bucket for nearly 6 minutes afterwards. In that span, they turned the ball over 6 times and took 5 shots. Obviously you're going to lose to a middle school team with that kind of play.

However, the defense held pretty stiff and after falling behind 13-2, the Hoosiers went on to route the fatigued and overmatched Chargers. Indiana only allowed 11 more points the rest of the half and 26 for the game. Despite the very slow start this game wasn't really much in question. At one point the Hoosiers went on a 46-6 run as a greater part of their 77-26 run after the second media timeout.

What we can take away from this game is that Hanner Perea is much more polished than he was a year ago. I mean, a ton. Twitter was raving about how well he was moving and grasping the offense. Stan Robinson is going to be getting some minutes this year. He's an impressive spark off the bench. I think we're going to see a good chunk of Devin Davis this season as well. He looked good in a 5 point 5 rebound performance after taking some time off because of growing pains.

For some of the highlights, below is some of what IU Athletics put up on Youtube. Watch for the sequence where Yogi makes a behind the back pass to Stan Robinson who drives and kicks to Hanner Perea converting the three point play on a reverse layup. Some exciting potential is oozing from this team.