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Hoosiers vs. Aces Game Thread

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Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Going into tonight Indiana is in a good opportunity to make some solid gains in the computer rankings on the rest of the Big Ten. More so than the human rankings, I put a lot of weight into the Pomeroy rankings especially. Indiana is within striking distance of Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan tonight and with a very good game they could leap into the top 25 of the computer rankings.

The offense should be fine tonight. The question is whether we can get the defensive rotation together enough to make sure that Evansville doesn't get a ton of open looks from the perimeter. They're very good at taking the right shot from range. The volume isn't high, but the accuracy is outstanding. Indiana's perimeter rotation has to be able to make their rotation passes longer through denials and hedges. Give the defense time to recover and there shouldn't be a lot of wide open shots. Indiana hasn't necessarily been the best at that so far.

Offensively we need to get the young guys involved again. Troy Williams, Noah Vonleh and Jeremy Hollowell all struggled mightily against UConn. Now is a very good time to play the confidence game. Go early and often to these three to make sure they're feeling confident going into next Tuesday's Syracuse game.