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Indiana Football Takes on Ohio State: Game Thread

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoosiers go for win #5 today against a team competing for a shot to play in the BCS title game. You can guess how this one is most likely to go. The Hoosiers offense last week forgot to get on the bus to Madison and walked away with a paltry three points. If Indiana does that again there's a chance they lose by more than the 48 point beating they took last week.

Luckily for Indiana the one big weakness of this Ohio State squad is their pass defense. With it ranking 68th in the nation in yards allowed someone needs to cue up the cut scene of Jim Carray saying, "so you're saying there's a chance!". I still wouldn't get too excited over this one. I'm in high hopes that the Hoosiers can pull it off and in the meantime ruin Ohio State's season, but I'm realistic.

Won't be around for this one due to travelling for Thanksgiving holidays. Also probably won't be around to get up the recap of last night's game (which I missed visually also due to travelling) until later this evening at the earliest. Sorry for the delays, but you know life and stuff. Anyway enjoy your weekends and go Hoosiers.