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The Useless Nut Motivational

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Last chance at a bowl. Get hyped (or something vaguely resembling such)!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The depressing results of my last two motivationals have left me unsure how to keep doing these. Thankfully, I probably only have two left this season, and the Bucket game should be much easier to write for. Anyway, I had to come up with something to write about this week, and I came across ElevenWarriors' weekly Ohio State game day poster:



Now, as a member of OTE, I've gotten to see many of 11W's posters over the year, as they tend to get posted there. And I gotta say, most all of them have been pretty awesome looking. This one leaves me fairly disappointed. The artwork is still very impressive. But the absolute best thing you could think of to roast Indiana was to reference basketball? Really? I think I actually feel insulted that you were that lazy. I don't think you're taking us seriously enough. Just look at some of these other posters for comparison.

For Gameday against Northwestern:



For the game against Cal:



Heck, even Buffalo and Florida A&M got cool posters:





And yet the best you can do for Indiana is to put a pair of basketball players on a poster? You didn't even color in the basketball players at all! I know this is a pretty flimsy thing to be angry about, but I'm still there.

Anyway, potential misdirected art rage aside, this can still be a winnable game, but the Hoosiers have to come out and be on target from the opening kick. Anything less, and the Buckeyes will exploit it. Let's hope they don't get the chance.

Go IU. Beat the Buckeyes. Then be ready for #BucketWeek. 1-2-3-HOOSIERS!