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Hoosiers vs. Washington in NYC: Game Thread

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana takes on the Washington Huskies after Connecticut and Boston College finish up. They're currently sitting at a 37-34 advantage for Connecticut at half time. Indiana will be looking to match up with a pretty tough set of guards that take care of the ball and run. With Indiana's size advantage and the ability for their bigs to run the floor you would think this fits right into Indiana's wish list for the game.

In the preview we talked about Vonleh and Perea getting a chance to spread their wings, but this isn't just going to be a game of force it into the post and let the big guys work. Indiana's going to have to make sure they get back in transition and take care of the basketball. Washington will force the pace by making you turn it over if you aren't careful. Still, this should be quite a fun shoot out with some back forth through most of the game.

However, look for Indiana to finish up on top. Vegas and the computers say 8 points. I'm feeling greedy and asking for more. A strong performance will have us back in the top 30 of the Pomeroy rankings and knocking on the door of the computer ones with a shot at the winner of UConn and BC to put us back where we belong. Come stick around for the game. It's going to be a late night and things might get crazy in the city that never sleeps.