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Indiana Football 3 Wisconsin 51: Because I Have To

Caption Contest: "If I put my six year old out there, will you let him run for 20 yards?" "Let him? I'm not sure we could stop him."
Caption Contest: "If I put my six year old out there, will you let him run for 20 yards?" "Let him? I'm not sure we could stop him."
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With the hectic day of basketball and storms yesterday, the recap for the Wisconsin game fell by the way side. Partially because I'm not super excited to write it and you guys aren't super excited to read it. However, I bit the bullet and watched the DVR version since I had other obligations on Saturday so I can recap it for you here.  The game defensively went pretty much exactly how we thought it would. The Hoosiers came out and couldn't stop a paraplegic running behind that offensive line.

This game was ripe for this kind of result from the get go and a lot of people knew it was coming. What we didn't know was that the offense for the first time this season would look completely pedestrian. I think that is probably what is the most upsetting for me in this loss. So far this year when we've had the offense stalling out or not getting any sort of traction we've been able to throw a curveball and change up styles with either Sudfeld or Roberson. On Saturday neither of those things happened.

Sudfeld was an appalling 9 for 22 for 99 yards passing and one interception. Roberson came in and wasn't a whole lot better. Though he didn't get nearly the reps that Sudfeld did, in his 8 attempts he was only able to generate 23 yards of offense. Add to that 5 rushes for 13 yards and if you were playing college fantasy football, you'd be really upset about the quarterback duos performance. Both guys in the post game presser took blame for how poor the offense looked, but in the end 12 completed passes isn't going to cut if versus anyone.

The rushing game wasn't any better. With a combined 104 yards rushing between Stephen Houston and D'Angelo Roberts, Indiana never really could get any sort of momentum going. They didn't run a ton of plays because the defense couldn't stop a runny nose, but when the opportunity did arise, they failed to meet expectations. It was very very ugly.

Defensively, I just don't know what needs to be added. Wisconsin ran 50 times for 554 yards on Saturday. That's an 11 yard average per carry. James White ran for 205. Melvin Gordon had 146. Corey Clement had 108 and if given one more opportunity Jared Abbrederis would have broken the century mark as well. It was just terrible all around. I'm not sure we need to really go into the details. You all have been watching all season. You know what it looked like even if you didn't catch it on TV.

Indiana now has to go into Columbus this Saturday to face another beat down at the hands of a team desperate to prove they belong in the national championship discussion. That means they're not only looking for a win but they're looking for a mega blowout to try and pad their computer numbers. Indiana's defense better prepare. Brace yourselves, winter is coming. Indiana opens as a 31.5 point under dog.